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We are not focused solely on quality and consistency, but also on progression. Our environment is consistently changing. Global warming is creating new challenges as well as opening doors to opportunities that were never there before. New technologies and winemaking practices are aiding us in crafting exceptional wines while at the same time, allowing us to address issues of sustainability. We look forward to working with nature and science to continue crafting our wines.

John Lefkowitz

John Lefkowitz stands at the forefront of the Wine Hospitality Business. The former C.O.O. of Malibu Family Wines, he was instrumental in bringing exceptional wine experiences to the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. His superior ability to make relationships that last, lead. The operations of Malibu Wines various tasting room locations and vineyard: The Queen Mary, The Four Seasons Hotel, Malibu Wines & Beer Garden, Malibu Wines, and The Vineyard at Saddlerock Ranch. John was responsible for the handling of the day-to-day administration, operation & marketing of the family’s thriving wine businesses. His unique understanding of wine and the relationships needed to turn ideas into thriving businesses is truly what John excels at. He began his career in Arizona, with his first advertising agency. From there he has held Vice President of Marketing titles in several large organizations, including LIVE NATION and MAGIC JOHNSON ENTERPRISES and FLYNT MANAGEMENT GROUP. Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, John’s passion for this industry continues to be contagious.

Hillary Jiler

Hillary Jiler is the former publisher and editor of GREEN HOME AND FAMILY and VENTURA COUNTY PARENT MAGAZINES. As a serial entrepreneur, she has successfully started and sold several different businesses. She has been grant writing for almost 15 years and has successfully written grants for non-profit organizations, environmental non-profits in other countries, as well as The One Arroyo Foundation in association with the City of Pasadena. She was the 2009 National Association of Women Business Owners Emerging Woman Business Owner of the Year for Ventura County. She has lectured with Women’s Economic Ventures on Marketing in the Green Economy and she is the former, “Green Voice” of the California Strawberry Festival. A resident of Camarillo, she is uniquely qualified to bring a unified vision to the project.


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